About Me

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    Who am I? Great question!

    My name is Nathan McElwain....

    I am a web developer, graphic designer, music producer, and audio engineer born and raised in San Francisco CA. I have always been a curious person, so I am constantly learning new things and applying my new found knowledge in ways I never thought possible.

    I build audio effect plugins, virtual synths, eCommerce web stores, websites, web applications, styling frameworks, component libraries, and much more. Lately my work has been focused on the eCommerce space, and it's opened my eyes to the sheer power and reach that eCommerce has grown to have. It's given me the opportunity to build awesome web stores for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, as well as major media outlets, and legendary bands, and I'm just warming up....

    Currently, I live in Mill Valley CA with my amazing wife, Mariana, and a little French Bulldog, named Koa. Besides those two, I love movies, music, art, photography, motion graphics, books, Mt. Tamalpias, and Mari's interior design chops.

    Some Of My Work

    Personal projects, web stores, sites, graphic design and beyond...

    How to contact me.

    Get in touch! Don't be afraid, I'm pretty easy going. We can chat about whatever!....

    Cutty Bang Multimedia

    350 3rd Ave.
    San Francisco, CA



    nathan@cuttybangmultimedia.com cuttybangaudio@gmail.com

    But wait, there's more...

    I am actually not just a one trick pony! As it turns out, I am also a musician and music producer, as well as a graphic designer. Art was my first creative outlet, and when I learned that I had a talent for writing and performing music I quickly exploited the medium as a way to express myself and explore.

    Over the years, I have gone down different roads. But the road that I've been on lately is one I've been on for a while.

    Why not listen to a little something while you're here!